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Get featured within 24-48 hours's direct interface allows for one-click publication to top global magazines, ensuring your news goes live quickly and reaches your audience while it's still relevant.

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Publish with in high-traffic magazines to attract potential clients. Each article serves as a landing page, introducing your offer before they visit your website.

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How Works


Create your article:

Use’s magic editor to create your press release, company update, or thought leadership article.


Add visuals and links:

Add high-quality images, engaging videos, or interactive links. Choose from our extensive stock gallery, or upload your own elements to make your story stand out.


Select your target publication:

Choose from up to 3,000 magazines or packages to place your article where it will have the most impact.


Rapid publishing cycle:

Submit the article, and it will be published within 24-48 hours, keeping your news timely.


Risk-free publishing guarantee:

In the rare event your press release is rejected by a magazine, will issue an instant refund.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Is media coverage guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee media coverage once your press release is approved and distributed. We ensure visibility by distributing it across major magazines and news feeds relevant to your industry. On average, our clients achieve over 300 pick-ups, including placements in top-tier magazines.

How long does distribution take?

Distribution typically takes between 24 and 48 hours.

Do you have examples of press releases published in top-tier magazines?

Yes, you can view examples of press releases on top-tier platforms such as Business Insider and Yahoo. Here are the links:

What if my press release gets rejected?

If your press release is rejected, for example because it is inappropriate for your industry, we offer a full refund within 24 to 48 hours. However, it's worth noting that 95% of press releases are successfully accepted and distributed.

Can I add pictures and videos to my press release?

Yes, you can add high-quality images, engaging videos, or interactive links to make your story stand out.

Are there any word limits for press releases?

With there are no strict word limits for press releases. Unlike many PR wires that charge for extra words, we allow flexibility in length. However, it's recommended that you maintain a healthy length for readability and impact. The average press release is between 300 and 600 words. You can submit a longer release, up to 1,600 words, and the AI will ensure it remains clear and relevant.

Can I see a list of magazines that my press release reaches?

Sure, here you can find the lists sorted by country:

North America & Global
United Kingdom

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